NYTimes: Watch This: ‘Alias Grace’

Looking for a quick midweek binge? Our TV critic has two great recommendations.

Watch if you want a murder show, but different.

‘Alias Grace’

When to watch: Now, on Netflix.

Rebecca Liddiard, left, and Sarah Gadon on “Alias Grace.”
Credit...Sabrina Lantos/Netflix
Rebecca Liddiard, left, and Sarah Gadon on “Alias Grace.”
Credit…Sabrina Lantos/Netflix

I’ve been craving mini-series. If you have too, watch this richly told six-part historical drama from 2017. “Alias Grace” is based on the Margaret Atwood novel, which is itself based on the true story of Grace Marks (played by Sarah Gadon), a maid who was convicted of a double murder in Canada in 1843. But this doesn’t have the luridness of other true-crime shows, and sometimes it feels — in a good way — like a dark spinoff of “Anne of Green Gables.”

“Alias Grace” has a canny eye for its characters’ charisma and the way they frame their own truths, and the characters are often performing for one another: telling their version of events to a psychiatrist, to a courtroom, to a confidante, to an accomplice, or maybe relaying what was just told to them, folding story into story into story. It’s substantial but not a big commitment.

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