Variety: The Best TV Shows of 2017

Variety TV critics Sonia Saraiya and Maureen Ryan did exist in the same space-time continuum this year — we think — but there was so much TV that their end of year Top TV lists are extremely different from each other. Neither was able to get to every show out there — there were 500 or so scripted programs, so please cut them a break. In any event, given the massive flood of good, great and game-changing TV around, there were bound to be some shows that one critic listed and the other didn’t even get to this year (Mo is very sorry, “BoJack Horseman”).

There is some overlap between their rosters, but the wild, ahem, variety on display is a reason for celebration. There truly was something for everyone out there in TV land, and between Variety’s two TV critics, they celebrate more than 34 programs. That’s a lot of recommendations for year-end binging, so get to it.

Maureen Ryan’s Top 20 TV Shows of 2017 | Read More

  1. The Leftovers” (HBO)
  2. “One Day at a Time” (Netflix)
  3. “The Good Place” (NBC)
  4. “Halt and Catch Fire” (AMC)
  5. “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” (CW)
  6. “Jane the Virgin” (CW)
  7. “Better Things” (FX)
  8. “Alias Grace” (Netflix)
  9. “American Vandal” (Netflix)
  10. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (Fox)
  11. “Into the Badlands” (AMC)
  12. “Superstore” (NBC)
  13. “The Handmaid’s Tale” (Hulu)
  14. “Insecure” (HBO)
  15. “Big Little Lies” (HBO)
  16. “Top of the Lake: China Girl” (SundanceTV)
  17. “Black-ish” (ABC)
  18. “Wynonna Earp” (Syfy)
  19. “One Mississippi” (Amazon)
  20. “Mary Kills People” (Lifetime)

Sonia Saraiya’s 25 Best TV Shows of 2017 | Read More

  1. “The Leftovers” (HBO)
  2. “The Crown” (Netflix)
  3. “Halt and Catch Fire” (AMC)
  4. “Twin Peaks: The Return” (Showtime)
  5. “Big Little Lies” (HBO)
  6. “Rick and Morty” (Adult Swim)
  7. “Alias Grace” (Netflix)
  8. “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” (Amazon)
  9. “Better Things” (FX)
  10. “BoJack Horseman” (Netflix)
  11. “Planet Earth II” (BBC America)
  12. “American Vandal” (Netflix)
  13. “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” (CW)
  14. “Star Trek: Discovery” (CBS All Access)
  15. “The Keepers” (Netflix)
  16. “Broad City” (Comedy Central)
  17. “Dear White People” (Netflix)
  18. “The Handmaid’s Tale” (Hulu)
  19. “The Deuce” (HBO)
  20. “GLOW” (Netflix)
  21. “The Good Place” (NBC)
  22. “Better Call Saul” (AMC)
  23. “Insecure” (HBO)
  24. “One Day at a Time” (Netflix)
  25. “Marvel’s The Punisher” (Netflix)

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