News Another Life Season 2: Renewed By Netflix, Production In 2020, Plot Details And Release Date

By Divya Tiwari / November 1, 2019

All the questions left unanswered will get their answers in the next installment of Another Life. Netflix recently renewed the show for its upcoming season, Another Life Season 2. Since its debut on the streaming service, fans are all in the dilemma of will or will not the show receive renewal. And finally, they got Another Life.

Created by Aaron Martin, Another Life is a sci-fi series of Netflix. The show is led by Katie Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) as Astronaut Niko Breckinridge. Niko, along with her astronaut team launch in the ship, Salvare, on a mission to find intelligent life in space. They were searching the source for a mysterious alien artifact that appeared on Earth. However, on their journey, the crew of Salvare ends up dealing with catastrophic danger, and possibly, no-return trip.

The renewal for the show came three months after the debut of the sci-fi series on the streaming service. Star of the show, Sackhoff confirmed the news herself through her official Twitter handle. She shared a clip of every time the word ‘two/to/too’ was used in the first season. Although the first season received mostly negative reviews from the critics, the fans loved the show, and that is why it has received the renewal.

Another Life Season 2: Production Next Year

The production work for Another Life Season 2 will resume next year in Vancouver, as per the reports. However, an official date is yet to come. Although, once the production work begins, the stars themselves will make their fans know about the filming of the second season.

Another Life Season 2: Plot Details

Season one of Another Life left the audience all confused. Many questions need to be answered in the second season. At the end of the first season, journalist Harper Glass, played by Selma Blair, confirmed that the aliens, The Achaia are not a treat to planet Earth. As per her, they are peaceful creatures who want to be friends. However, Harper is the one whose mind is controlled by the aliens now.

Although, the crew of Salvare knows that the aliens are unfriendly and determined on either finishing or capturing the human race. They also reached the alien planet, to their ultimate destination. Therefore, the second season would feature the entire crew researching on the new planet and will dig deep to find out the truths.

Meanwhile, What is with A.I. William that has been created by mishap? Is she peaceful, or harmful for the crew of Salvare? The audience will know all when the second season arrives.

Another Life Season 2: Release Date

Season one of Another Life released in July 2019 only. Therefore the fans needs to wait for quite some time to have the next installment of Netflix’s sci-fi drama. Another Life Season 2 will likely release in the fall of 2020. For future updates on Another Life Season 2, stay tuned.

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