NY Post: 10 TV stars to watch for this fall

We are a little over a month away from the end of the broadcast television season, and we’d rather not talk about it — since so much of it was forgettable.

The TV networks will be announcing their fall lineups in mid-May, and several series have already been given places on the schedule. Hope springs eternal, I guess.

But there are some stars and shows that sound like they might be worth watching, if only because of their creators’ pedigree. In an effort to start off the week on a high note, I’ve come up with some things and people to look forward to come September.

Andrea Martin, ‘Working the Engels’

Patrick McMullan
Photo: Patrick McMullan

One of the funniest people on the planet (and a two-time Tony winner), Martin stars in this crazy NBC comedy about the Engel family, who decide to pay off their late father’s debts by working in his law firm. One tiny problem: Most of them are not lawyers. Her “SCTV” cohorts Martin Short and Eugene Levy are two reliable guest stars.

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